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Streamlined Simplicity
Insite iTeller™: Streamlined Simplicity
While other vendors offer teller solutions that are piecemeal or clumsy, Automated Systems, Inc. offers a multifaceted and robust teller application capable of seamlessly integrating with your bankís current software and hardware environment.

Built to operate within a Microsoft Windows environment, iTellerís™ controls and functional display are familiar and easy-to-use. Customer information is organized into distinct sections on the screen that can be quickly navigated by busy tellers, and the Teller Cash and Teller Proof screens provide full transaction capabilities with minimum navigation. iTellerís™ display is attractive and functional, and tellers can customize their control and display preferences to optimize iTellerís™ usefulness.

Increase Satisfaction
Easy to Use
Seamless Integration
Streamlined Simplicity
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