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Laser Business Check Printing Services from Automated Systems

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Laser Business Check Printing Services from Automated Systems
Q: What are the different ways to place orders?
A: Financial Institutions can place orders online through our Insite Support Site.

Online: Check Order Forms

Individuals can place orders by printing out the appropriate PDF Individual Order Form and faxing or mailing it in.

Q: What are my shipping options?
A: Automated Systems can ship direct to the customer or to the bank for customer pick-up. Local orders can also be picked up directly from Automated Systems, Inc.

Q: What are the shipping and handling fees?
A: The shipping and handling fees for individuals are as follows:

Purchase Amount Standard Shipping
$0.00 - $50.00 $5.00
$50.01 - $100.00 $8.00
$100.01-$175.00 $11.00
$175.01-$250.00 $15.00
Above $250.00 Free Shipping!
NO SHIPPING FEES: If order is picked up directly from Automated Systems, Inc. 1201 Libra Drive, Lincoln, NE. You will be notified when order is ready for pickup.
IN-TOWN DELIVERY: All orders delivered within the Lincoln city limits are $10.00 per order. Orders are delivered within 3 days upon receiving the order.

Financial Institutions: please call for special shipping prices or visit our Insite Support Site.

Q: When will I get my order?
A: Most orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving the order. Orders are shipped UPS Ground or mailed First Class Mail.

Q: Where are the current prices?
A: We will keep the current
price list on the Insite website.

Q: What costs or fees should I expect when placing an order?
A: The total cost of orders are made up of the product price, shipping fees and sales taxes. There is no additional charge for custom lettering or images/monograms. Note: Some states require customers to pay sales tax on the shipping fees.

Q: Are there any differences between Automated Systems checks and checks from other vendors?
A: The main difference between our checks and checks from other vendors is the specialty check designs. We are not going to be able to afford to produce checks with trademarked names and images. This is one of the reasons our checks are less costly to produce. The same paper, inks and security features are used on our checks as other vendors.

Q: What security features do the checks include?
A: Our business checks include the following security features:

  • Microprint Signature Line - Very small letters that can be read through a magnifying glass, but which appear to the unaided eye to be dashed or solid lines. An "MP" designator is used in conjunction with the micro printed text.
  • A Second Microprint Line is also printed on the center of the back of the check.
  • Dual Security Screen - Very light printing on the back of the document with reversed text not easily duplicated by a color copier or scanning/laser printer.
    1. The words "Original Document" are printed in a Security Screen.
    2. In the endorsement area, the word "Security" is also printed in a Security Screen.
  • Thermochromatic Ink - heat sensitive ink that will change color when a person touches the document. It changes back to the original color after it is no longer touched.
  • Padlock Icon and Warning Box - Warns consumers that Security Features are present on the document. This Icon and Warning Box is authorized only by the "CPSA" Check Printers Stationery Association to check printing companies who have met the above requirements.
  • Absence of any of these will indicate a copy.

Q: Are our account and routing numbers safe?
A: Yes. We Protect Your Privacy - Automated Systems, Inc. Does Not Sell, Rent Or Share ANY check related Customer Information with Anyone!

Q: What internal security measures are there to keep account information safe?
A: The security of your account information is very important to Automated Systems. Our check printing room remains locked at all times. There are only supervisors that have a key to this room. Any account information is immediately shredded. The database that contains the account information is not accessible by anyone except our data system administrator and the check printing manager. The check printing system is password protected. The check printing application is also password protected. The data that is transferred between the check printing system and the database server is encrypted.

Automated Systems maintains appropriate measures designed to preserve the confidentiality of client’s non-public information, and to meet the objectives of federally mandated guidelines associated with safeguarding client information. Automated Systems Check Printing Representatives access to client’s non-public information is solely for the purpose of printing checks, deposit tickets, loan coupons, etc. as authorized by our clients.


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