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Success Stories

Insite Banking System Success Story: Cottonwood Valley Bank

Cottonwood Valley Bank
Florence, Kansas

Automated Systems, Inc.
Attn: Bradley Perry
1201 Libra Drive
Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

Dear Mr. Perry:

I am writing to inform you and ASI-INSITE of the progress Cottonwood Valley has made using the Document Image Stations.

We serve the communities of Cedar Point, Florence, and Strong City, KS, an area of 39 miles end to end. Installation of the Document Image Scanner and PC stations in both Florence and Strong City have proven to increase not only our customer service, but overall record keeping efficiency as well.

Our customer base frequently uses all three facilities to transact their business. We now have scanned all signature cards for Checking, Savings and CD's onto the Insite Bank package.

What a timesaver! We now look directly to the Image Tab to see who has the authority to transact buiness. We have also scanned in Power of Attorney, Payable on Death, Stop Payment and various other agreements, No more interruptions, waiting for the branch to relay information via fax when it is all at our fingertips.

As for record keeping efficiency, we recently finished a FDIC Safety and Soundness Exam and having the Loan Contracts, Security Agreements, Tax Returns and Property Statements scanned. The exam was two days shorter than the previous exam before Doc Imaging.

Please send a special thanks to Shannon on the Insite Bank Support Team for the assistance he gave to our Document Image Project.


K.L. Linnens
Vice President

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