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Integrated Products

Demand Deposit Accounting

Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Demand Deposit Accounting

Demand Deposit Accounting Handles regular DDA, NOW, Super NOW, Money Fund accounts, Ready Reserve, and Overdraft protection.

There are a variety of features you can implement for your customers with cash reserve accounts or Ready Reserve and fund sweeps that automatically transfer funds. The eliminates tedious manual work.

  • Provides current balances, available, or memo (real-time for each individual account.
  • Performs stop payments and deposit holds.
  • Automatically cycles statements and ability to print interim snapshot statements.
  • Offers uni-statement option by customer: i.e., ability to show savings, CDís and loans on DDA statement.
  • Flexible interest payment methods.
  • Flexibility of service charges by cycle and customer type based on the selected specifications.
  • Tiered balance service charging.
  • Support for check-image capture products and image statements.
  • Gives profitability information by account (as a by-product of end of cycle processing).
  • Allows automatic transfers to and from savings.
  • Allows automatic loans to cover overdrafts.
  • Performs float control and analysis.
  • Allows unlimited exception reporting through the Report Writer.
  • Provides choice of statement formats.
  • Handles sweep accounts.
  • Integrated Document imaging for signature cards, financial statements and the like.

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