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Remote Proof Interface

Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Remote Proof Interface

  • Operates like a multi-pocket proof machine.
  • Eliminates the need for proof machines in lower volume institutions.
  • Interfaces with multi-pocket, data capture proof machines and intelligent reader/sorters from any vendor.
  • Generates remittance reports, teller cash control, proof master listing and pocket totals.
  • Provides instant account number and name verification for all modules including General Ledger.
  • Eliminates tedious reentering of transactions - all transactions are automatically posted to their respective modules.
  • Updates real-time DDA and Savings balances at the end of each batch.
  • Captures check numbers for printing on DDA statements.
  • Handles recurring transactions automatically.
  • Captures incoming cash letters (via phone line) automatically.
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