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Integrated Products of the Insite Banking System: Loans

The Insite Banking loan modules efficiently handles Installment, Commercial, Student, Real Estate, Home Equity and Participation Loans.

  • Works with master note and individual note concept.
  • Includes multiple repayment plans: single payment, full payment, scheduled principle and/or interest, amortized.
  • Allows multiple interest methods.
  • Performs insurance premium tracking for rebating.
  • Handles variable rate loans and payment recalculating.
  • Stores Collateral Information in each loan record.
  • Provides delinquency tracking: late charges, notices, and aged delinquencies.
  • Creates payment, maturity and past due notices.
  • Prints amortization schedule in Loan Calculator.
  • Handles multiple interest methods in Loan Calculator.
  • Creates Loan History Ledgers for any period.
  • Performs full accrual accounting.
  • Provides flexible management/exception reporting.
  • Handles loan advances to cover overdrafts.
  • Loan tickler tracking.
  • Loans notepad tied to individual loans or customers.
  • Ability to payoff loan with single transaction code even with insurance rebates, late charges, and escrow balances.
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