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Insite Banking Product
Insite Banking System Products: Core Banking Software Solutions

ONE Company, ONE Development Group, ONE Goal

To Develop and Support the best software solutions for community banks!

Applications developed by Automated Systems:

Insite Core Processing Banking Software
The Insite Banking System is a complete inhouse core data processing solution that utilizes a 100% Microsoft Windows environment on one server platform: no Unix, no AS/400, and no mainframe.

Document Imaging
Insite Document Imaging is an excellent utility to manage documents and gain instant access to crucial information within the Insite Banking System application.

Check Imaging
Insite Check Imaging is a powerful image enabled item processing solution that works seamlessly into the Insite Banking System application.

Image Teller System
Insite iTeller is an easy-to-use image teller solution, designed to assist tellers in conducting their daily business. Tellers can scan checks, create virtual transaction tickets, and print receipts, all from their workstations.

Real-Time Telephone Banking
Insite Telephone Banking is a real-time solution that adds new dimensions of value to interactive telephone banking, delivering unsurpassed functionality on a stable, flexible platform.

Real-Time ATM/Debit Card
This solution provides operational efficiencies over traditional batch processing. The key to real-time processing is the transaction server, which is used to facilitate the flow of transaction information between the transaction origination point and the Insite Banking System application database.

Real-Time Online Banking
Insite Online Banking is an online banking solution that gives your bank a competitive advantage by delivering interactive balances with transfers, bill pay, account history, image search, statement retrieval and much more to your customers in real-time.

Real-Time Business Banking with Merchant Capture
Insite Business Banking is an online banking solution for your business customers that provide all internet banking services plus ACH, wire transfer, account administration, plus much more all in real-time.

Insite Mobile Banking
Mobile devices have become much more than just cell phones and with Insite Mobile Online Banking, they are secure banking channels. Your customers can access their accounts via thier mobile devices for fast, real-time banking. Finally, banking right at your fingertips!

Insite iPortal facilitates collaborative communication and seals the gaps between operators, management and directors. As the bank Intranet site, iPortal creates an efficient, easy-to-use application for all bank personnel.

Automated Systems now offers a new browser-based document management and imaging product: iDoc. iDoc is an automated process that takes the worry out of managing your documents. It can manage required documentation and technical exception reporting. It can also reduce Risk and Asset Liability with its pre-configured document checklists and missing document notifications. Save time, money, and reduce your risk today by using iDoc!

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