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Insite Mobile Banking™

With the high levels of mobile phone utilization, a new mobile culture has evolved among consumers. The devices have become much more than just phones; they are now personal information managers, cameras, game devices, music players, location tracking devices and with Insite Mobile Banking™, they are also secure banking channels.

Insite Mobile Web Banking and Insite Mobile Banking™ App provide your customers the ability to transfer funds and deposit checks from anywhere with real-time access to account balances, account history, check and deposit images.

The Insite Mobile Banking™ service is easy to use and makes it possible for bank customers to view and manage the following information:

  • Account summary and real-time balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Interest information
  • Account history
  • Deposit Checks* (App only)
  • Viewing check and deposit images
  • Customizable mobile web pages
  • Consistent bank branding with custom bank logo and site colors that match the existing online banking site.

The Insite Mobile Banking™ App makes it easier for Android™ and iPhone™ users to manage their bank accounts anywhere at anytime. Insite Mobile Web Banking users can access their account information through their mobile browser.

Insite Mobile Deposit (App only) is powered by patented technology from mobile imaging innovator Mitek Systems. By integrating Mitek’s Mobile Deposit technology, we deliver the industry best for mobile check capture, image recognition and image quality analytics to your customers.

The easy to use Insite Mobile Banking App is developed for Android™ and iPhone™ smartphones. The screen layouts of the Mobile Banking products have been designed to fit the variety of phone models to reduce hassle and save time for both customers and customer support employees.

Insite Mobile Web Banking customers will activate their mobile devices through the financial institution’s online banking website. After the device is activated, the customer is sent an activation code via text message. The customer will need to enter this activation code on the website to confirm that they have access to the device.

Your financial institution will benefit from being easily accessible by your customers at all times. Mobile online banking is one way to keep existing customers, like those who may leave your community. By offering them easier ways to bank with you from a distance, it will allow you to keep customers from leaving and going to other banks. Also, mobile online banking is a great way to attract new customers from other banks.

Your financial institution can customize web pages that will be displayed on the mobile site. New pages and content can be added via the Online Banking Administration Site. To create a seamless branding, the mobile site will have the same color schemes as the external site and your bank logo will be displayed on each page.

There is always a concern for security, especially when using a mobile device. Insite Mobile Online Banking uses the same SLL security certificate as its online banking. This is great for your financial institution because there is no need to buy extra hardware or pay any extra fees for a separate security certificate. To authenticate the user, a user ID and password is required. There is also a security token that is stored on the mobile device and tied to the user.

This mobile online banking system has been designed for an optimal mobile user experience. The product is easy to use and can be accessed wherever the mobile device can access the internet. The screen layouts have been designed to fit the variety of phone models to reduce hassle and save time for both customers and customer support employees.

Insite Mobile Banking products provide more ways for you to stay connected with your customers and a step ahead of your competitors.

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