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Insite OFAC Integration from Automated Systems

Insite OFAC Integration

ASI has partnered with LexisNexis to integrate the BridgerInsightXG service into the Insite core banking solution. This functionality enables community banks to perform automatic batch scans of their customer information file as well as real time screening against multiple watch lists.

Primary among the functions of the integrated product is the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checking. This partnership will allow banks to query the OFAC Watch Lists from Insite and iTeller on an as-needed basis.

Automatic batch processing is also available to scrub both customer and ACH files against watch lists that include OFAC and FinCEN, among others. Reporting on the results is available either through the Insite Core system or through iPortal.

Integrating with ASI qualifies banks to receive a waiver of the one-time certification fee charged by Lexis Nexis.

OFAC Features

  • Automated batch processing of CIF
  • Automated batch processing of ACH Files
  • Real-Time checks from two integrated systems
  • Result reporting for auditors
  • Over 30 watch list files available
  • FinCEN / 314a watch list processing





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