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Insite Check Imaging Features & Benefits

Features of the Insite Check Imaging with CAR/LAR

The Insite Banking System Check Imaging application was designed with our users in mind. The user-interface and functionality is based on what our customers indicated they liked best in a check imaging application.
  • Reduces the costs associated with check processing and handling.
  • Flexibility in your statement layout allows you to choose a more professional image for your bank.
  • Statements are produced on pre-punched paper for storage in a three ring binder.
  • You can retrieve and fax statements directly to your customers.
  • Front and back of checks are imaged for research and archival storage.
  • Images are legally acceptable for proof of payment.
  • Raises back-office productivity, lowers operational costs.
  • Developed using industry standard tools such as Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server.
  • Provides daily reconcilement of images with posted items from the core banking application.
  • Bank personnel will be notified each day of any exception images, providing opportunity to make corrections long before statements are prepared, eliminating crippled statements.
  • Extensive inquiries through electronic retrieval.
  • Multiple checks printed on both sides of plain paper for inclusion with customer statements saving money on paper and postage.
  • Allows statements and check images to be printed in one pass.
  • Bank controls number of check images printed per page, front and optional back image printing for both credits and checks/debits. These parameters can be customized to each individual customer.
  • Allows for customers to search online via Online Banking, to see if a specific check has cleared.
  • Fully integrated to the core banking application.

Bank Customer Benefits

The benefits of the Insite Check Imaging solution extends to your customers, too.

Your customers can return shoes to shoeboxes, because bulky storage of canceled checks is a thing of the past. With Check Imaging, the images of checks are listed in numerical sequence for easy balancing. At a glance, checks can be reviewed all at once for a specific period easily accessible in a three ring binder.

Check images are accepted by all state and federal government agencies, plus all courts of law. The ability to quickly print full-sized images of the front and back of the check is also available, if the need should arise: eliminating worries and hassles about searching through boxes of canceled checks to find proof of payment.

Insite Check Imaging Benefits

  • Simplifies checking reconcilement
  • Eliminates bulky storage
  • Provides images of all written checks
  • Provides a full-sized image of canceled checks when needed
  • Accepted by all state and government agencies
  • Recognized as valid in all courts of law
  • Check images are legal IRS documents
  • State-of-the-art laser printing makes image statements easy to read
  • Pertinent information such as amount and date cleared is printed below each check image
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