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Insite Document Imaging™

The Insite Document Imaging™ solution is an excellent utility to manage documents and gain instant access to crucial information within the Insite Banking System™ application.
Insite Document Imaging™ System for Community Banks
The Insite Document Imaging™ module is an excellent utility to manage your documents and gain instant access to the crucial information they contain. This powerful new module offers instantaneous access to imaged documents within the Insite Banking Inquiry™ application. Insite Document Imaging™ is specifically designed for the scanning of bank documents and placing them effortlessly into a secured, easily viewable window, right within the Insite Banking™ software. Users can file, retrieve, print, fax, or distribute documents with the click of a mouse. The Insite Document Imaging™ module can even display a picture of the customer and/or a signature line when the user accesses a customer’s account.

Documents are an integral part of your banking business. Our imaging software enables data intensive organizations to economically and reliably store critical business information in an easily-retrievable method. With the ability to view photo’s or signatures of a customer in the Inquiry window of the Insite Banking System™ – training new employees becomes a cinch! A document imaging system has much more security access controls than your filing cabinets. Your employees cannot access a document unless they have access rights – no exception! This module transforms the process of document archival and retrieval from a frustrating time and money consumer to a valuable source of efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

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