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Insite iDoc™ from Automated Systems, Inc.

Insite iDoc™

iDoc™ is a browser based document management and imaging product. It can image and track loan and deposit documents by utilizing barcode technology that will virtually eliminate manual data entry. iDoc™ helps mitigate risk by tracking and reporting on reoccurring, pending, and missing documents while automating and streamlining technical exception reporting by officer, branch, or document type. iDoc™ allows users to create customized checklists and customer notification letters. This automated process can also track customer accounts, vendor contracts, human resource documents, or any document management process.

iDoc™ takes the worry out of managing your documents. Since iDoc™ is an automated process, it can manage required documentation and technical exception reporting. It can also reduce Risk and Asset Liability with its pre-configured document checklists and missing document notifications.

When it comes to Disaster Recovery, iDoc™ has this covered with the complete digitization of important bank documents. Also, iDoc™ offers a decrease in stockholder liability with its proactive approach to loan documentation compliance and a decrease in operating expenses by saving time and money on storage, printing, and managing documentation requirements.

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