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Insite iPortal Report Center from Automated Systems

Insite iPortal Report Center

Report Center is an efficient report management tool. One time-saving feature is the personalized Favorites list which provides you access to the most frequently viewed reports on your iPortal Home Page.

The system also allows employees to sign off on required reports digitally. This feature records which reports have been viewed and creates a log, making it possible to show examiners an audit trail of exactly when a report was viewed and who signed off on it.

All reports generated by the Insite Banking System will be available within Report Center including both On Demand and Archived reports. Just as Insite can store and retrieve data from multiple data areas, iPortal can also display reports from multiple areas. For example End of Month, End of Quarter, and End of Year data can all be referenced.

There are also two options to create customizable reports in iPortal. You can use Insite Explorer to create custom reports using Data Queries and a user-friendly drag and drop interface, or you can use Report Writer to create custom reports and archive them in iPortal for future reference.

The Report Center extends the functionality of reports from the Insite Banking Core by allowing you to search reports for text or values, sort reports by column, assign reports to specific staff, and make comments on reports for future reference. The integration between Insite and iPortal extends to the login credentials; the login information and security permissions for Insite are the same in iPortal. The integrated security allows for a single permission setting to effect multiple access points.

Reports can be exported into different formats including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel among others. iPortal is integrated with Insite and Check Imaging allowing you to view the check images alongside the transaction in reports.

Report Center also integrates reports from other systems including Online Banking, Phone Banking, and iTeller creating a one-stop portal for all reporting needs.

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