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Insite Telephone Banking™

Insite Telephone Banking™ is a real-time solution that adds new dimensions of value to interactive telephone banking, delivering unsurpassed functionality on a stable, flexible platform.
Insite Telephone Banking System™: Real-Time Phone Banking Solution
The Insite Telephone Banking™ solution is a Windows-based application that will satisfy your customers with fast, anytime transactions and account information via telephone access. With the push of a button customers can check on a deposit or account balance, find a CD rate, transfer funds, as well as perform a number of other functions. Insite Telephone Banking™ frees your employees to focus on profits and productive service, not arduous administration. The Telephone Banking system is easily administered from inside your bank. We built the Insite Telephone Banking System™ using technologies that keep your system costs low, reducing your up-front and maintenance investments. Quickly and inexpensively, Insite Telephone Banking™ will make your customers more loyal through Telebank functionality, save your institution service costs, and unleash employee productivity - all backed by the phenomenal support, service and stability of Automated Systems.

24-Hour Banking Service
The Insite Telephone Banking™ System allows your customers access to account information 24 hours a day. Customers can dial in and get current account information as well as the latest rates, bank locations and hours, and even upcoming community events. Your customers can also transfer money from deposit accounts or make loan payments automatically.

Call Transferring
The Insite Telephone Banking™ Systems can also transfer your customerís call to an extension if they want to speak to a Bank Representative.

Easy To Use
The Insite Telephone Banking™ System can be accessed from any touch-tone telephone. Once your customer has connected with the system, they will encounter easy to follow menus that will direct them through using the program.

PIN Number Database
All PIN numbers are completely confidential. The Insite Banking System™ will automatically update for you any PIN number changes into your CIF file.

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