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General Questions

Frequently Asked General Questions about the Insite Banking System™
How does Insite Banking System™ interface with ACH processing?
The ACH information is received through the modem into a stand alone PC or directly into Insite Banking System™, depending on your originator (Federal Reserve, Bankers Bank etc.)

How does Insite Banking System™ interface with call report preparation software?
Insite Banking System™ is easily interfaced with common call report preparation systems such as Sheshunoff and DPSC.

Do you process IRA’s?

How do you report year end and IRA information to the IRS?
Via diskette or modem.

How many people do we have to add to run this Insite™ effectively?
Most likely you will not have to add any additional personnel. Insite Banking System™ is user friendly, and uses many of the concepts that most popular programs use. The training and on-line documentation is quite thorough.

Do you have On Line Help Screens?
Yes, Insite™ documentation is online.

Can we use our existing PC’s as workstations?
Yes, if the systems have at least a 486 class processor, network interface card and at least Microsoft Windows 95.

How do you handle branch accounting?
By attaching a branch code at the account level, you can receive separate control total pages for each branch. Each branch may then be treated as a profit center in the GL.

What ATM Networks does Insite™ support?

  • Shazam
  • Star
  • Norwest
  • First Interstate
  • Universal Money Center
  • or any ATM Network you choose

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