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Data Conversion Services

Insite Banking System: Data Conversion Services

The conversion chain of events will somewhat vary depending on the distance you are located from Lincoln, NE and your current software provider. The information included in this section is intended for informational purposes only. Each contract/customer may have variances in the schedule below based upon need.
  • Pre-Conversion Questionnaire

    This is a document distributed from the Insite Banking Department that a representative from your bank fills out. This document assists us in the process of converting and applying your data to the Insite Banking System. Once the data conversion process is underway, the conversion leader or conversion manager will be in constant contact to discuss various facets of your account base.

  • Test Data and File Layouts

    We require test data at least 6 weeks prior to conversion. You must contact your current core application software provider and request the appropriate files and associating file layouts. You and Automated Systems Inc. will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement before receiving file layouts from the current software provider.

  • Pre-Conversion Meeting

    Approximately two weeks prior to the actual conversion, a meeting will be arranged between the Conversion Leader from Automated Systems, Inc. and various representatives from your bank. This is designed to be an informational meeting along with configuring the software according to your needs. The installation team will discuss with you items such as training, conversion chain of events, and any other topics that may be of concern. This meeting is conducted with your data. Your representative(s) can actually inquire into their own accounts to see a picture of what the Insite Banking System software will bring your bank. At the same time, it will give your representative(s) a peace of mind and confidence for the conversion process.

  • On-Site Training

    We consider our On-Site Training a notch above any other type of training. We are very adamant that every employee is trained on the Insite Banking Software. We work very hard to accommodate your day to day operations and your customers. When discussing the training schedule we coordinate the training sessions according to employee job functions, yet making it flexible enough for employees that wear “more than one hat”.

    • Each and every employee will be educated on the new software.

    Automated Systems, Inc trains each of your employees on a sample of your converted data. The advantage of training you on your data is multidimensional. Foremost, your personnel will be confident working with familiar names and accounts.

    • In-house System and Daily Operations

    We realize that an in-house system puts more responsibility on your employees and therefore we spend a large amount of time with the Operations Personnel of your bank. We want to make sure they are comfortable with the Daily procedures and we can practice on the actual data as many times as they need. Although the Insite Banking System is an in-house software application, the daily procedures are very easy to accomplish.

  • Post conversion

    We make it a priority to see that your employees are comfortable with the new software. We realize this can be a stressful time for your employees. Their responsibilities won’t change, but the chain of events leading to a successful operation may change due to the software conversion. Therefore, we work with your employees to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

    • Provide a detailed daily checklist of operations
    • Authenticate accruals and balances
    • Verify operations are running smoothly
    • Document data integrity
    • Assist operations personnel on a one-to one basis

  • Scheduled Review

    Continuing our commitment to the customer after the installation team leaves the bank following conversion, we don’t’ want you to think that you are on your own. As stated previously, we have excellent customer support to assist you in your questions. We schedule a review trip to assist you, on site, with any unanswered questions.

  • Summary

    A well planned and executed conversion provides a solid base for a continuing successful installation and on going support. With the services outlined in this document, Automated Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing your institution with excellent products and support during and after implementation of the Insite Banking System.

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